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Економіка сьогодення: питання та перспективи

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Innovative Problems of Development And Management of Communal Housing under the Conditions of Housing and Communal Services Reforming

Макаренко Ю. С.

Донецький державний університет управління

Досліджено сукупність внутрішньогалузевих, зовнішніх організаційних зв’язків і еко­но­мічних стосунків ЖКГ та населення з приводу інноваційного оновлення методів уп­равління експлуатацією житлового фонду міста.

Ключові слова: житлово-комунальне господарство, інноваційні проблеми, управління, житловий фонд, реформування, житло.

В статье исследованы совокупность внутриотраслевых, внешних организационных связей и экономических отношений ЖКХ и населения по поводу инновационного обновления методов управления эксплуатацией жилищного фонда города.

Ключевые слова: жилищно-коммунальное хозяйство, инновационные проблемы, управ­ления, жилищный фонд, реформирование, жилье

The article considers the complex of external organizational connections and economic inter relations between housing and communal services and the city’s population concerning innovative updating of management methods by operation of available housing fund of the city.

Keywords: housing and communal services, innovative problems, management, communal housing, reforming, habitation.

Urgency of the problem of the research. Housing and communal services (further – HCS) – the complex of branches providing functioning of an engineering infrastructure of various residential buildings, creating conveniences and comfort of living in them by providing a wide spectrum of housing and communal services [2, p. 3].

Despite considerable investments, the housing and communal services orga­nisa­tions are on the verge of bankruptcy now. The situation is aggravated with impossibility to estimate the real state of affairs as full-scale inventory of the main assets and their technical conditions have not been done, as well as market estimation of the property.

Habitation – one of the main components of well-being of the person, closely connected with other components of life quality. It is the major stabilising factor of social and economic conditions as on a whole on the country, and in its separate regions [10, p. 3–4].

The condition of available housing fund constantly worsens as a result of practically full cancellation of work as for its modernization and reconstruction. Forthcoming 10 years of requirements of Ukraine as for housing fund’s reconstruction and repair work will reach critical level [11, p. 109–112].

Analysis of recent research and publications. This area of management of innovations and investment activity considered the in works of domestic scientists and experts: Adamov B. E., Povazhny O. S., Anshina V. M., Egorova A. J., Ilenkova S. D., Konotopova M. V., Ogoleva L. N., Rumayntseva A. A., Fathyt­dinova R. A., and also in works of foreign scientists Drukera P., Davila Т., Kalis­sa D., Montgomery S, Takara R., Hargadana A., Ephstein M.

Studying of works shows, that the problem of formation of innovative me­chanisms of housing fund management of operation of the, results in reforming housing and communal services, and is urgently required for further researches.

The purpose of the article. The objective of this research consists of de­velopment of innovative management methods by operation of housing fund concerning the problems of reforming housing and communal services under the market economy conditions.

The main material. The most essential reasons of incessant obsolescence of housing fund are uncertainty concerning the property rights and absence of effective mechanisms of management and provision of the housing fund. Free privatization resulted in a great number of hardships. The initial message was that new proprietors were ready to incur (in full volume) organizational, economic and financial responsibility for the in houses and flats (without any external help) [12, p. 175–179]. However, as the result of privatisation there were the so-called poor proprietors whose income does not allow to invest enough money in the provision of premises, and sometimes even to pay for consumed utilities [9, p. 45].

It is planned to correct the situation stimulation of transformation of the municipal and state enterprises involved in the sphere of granting housing and utilities to the population, in economic societies [6].

Besides, privatisation has come to the end in the part affecting separate apartments, but the rights and duties of proprietors concerning the general property of apartment houses have not been defined till now.

For efficient management of operation of existing housing fund it is necessary:

– to defined the property right and a maintenance responsibility of separate apartments of the general premises of the house and all building as a whole;

– to confirm that – the land under apartment houses can belong to proprietors of apartments;

– to fix legal duties accurately in relation to the property which is possessed and individually and collectively.

Necessity and overall objectives of reforming of housing and communal services (HCS) have been determined, among which the core is transition to economic relations among the state, HCS and the consumers, considering the principles of market economy [5, p. 316]. Development of market principles of functioning of HCS has required perfecting the control system and providing of effective operation of housing fund [4, p. 69].

Housing and communal services reforming – formation of new organizational-legal forms, change of economic relations, transformation of legislative and standard base, technical re-equipment and modernisation in housing and communal services of Ukraine for the purpose of efficiency and reliability increase his functioning. Support of constant development for satisfaction of needs of the population and an economic complex in housing and communal services according to the installed specifications and national standards.

Feature of today’s stage of reforming consists of some simultaneously processes:

– institutional, connected with demonopolization of HCS and municipal infrastructure, change of organizational-legal forms of organisation HCS, redistribution of the services markets;

– organizational which are connected with redistribution of authorities as for HCS between power levels, withdrawal of local governments from management of economic activities of the enterprises, transition to new forms of contractual relations [3, p. 429].

Transformation of the tariff policy should be the key moment in the area of reforms. The pricing methodology should be based on introduction in the sphere of water supply enterprises, a drainage system and a heat supply system with an effective saving mechanism [9, p. 45].

Final results of reforms in HCS should be reflected in providing of services of the installed quality standards of residing, inclusion full market mechanism in the process of functioning of the regions, transition to the new system of financing of areas of payments of the population with granting housing grants to needy layers [7, p. 180].

Housing and communal services reforming has the exclusive importance for increase of efficiency, quality, reliability of the given housing and communal services, decrease of irrational costs by use of saving up technologies, formation of the real estate market of the real estate [5, p. 316].

Proprietors of premises should run in the interests administration of operation of apartment houses, use of the general property at the minimum intervention of authorities. Involving of proprietors in management of the real estate urged to increase their responsibility for its condition [4, p. 69].

Thus, the basic attention is concentrated on innovative updating of management methods by operation of housing fund which consists, basically, of apartment houses [1].

Objective necessity of perfection of the mechanism of management for sphere of a housing and communal complex, as a whole and, in particular, managements of apartment houses, is defined by following circumstances:

– transition of a national economy of Ukraine to market relations and considerable backlog of housing and communal services in carrying out of corresponding reforms;

– practical end of process of privatisation of housing fund;

– necessity of the decision of a problem of decentralisation of management for system of housing and communal services and search of rational forms of self-management by proprietors of habitation;

– urgency of a problem of reduction of budgetary expenses on operation of housing fund and rearrangement of these expenses, basically, on proprietors and employers of premises [3, p. 429].

For the solution of innovative problems of development and management of housing fund under the conditions of housing and communal services reforming, it is necessary [7, p. 180]:

in the field of management of innovations:

1. To develop innovation management methods in the organisations of municipal economy including a choice of criteria of economic and social efficiency at comparison of alternative variants of management by operation of housing fund and principles of reduction of risks at transition to innovative mechanisms of management. Application of these methods will allow to generate the rational organisation of management, to develop a competition in the market of management of habitation, to provide decrease in budgetary expenses for operation of multistory apartment houses, to improve their provision, to increase quality of life for the population [13, p. 128–134].

2. To introduce monitoring system working out innovative mechanisms of ma­nage­ment by the housing fund operation which use promoted reduction of expenses of resources and time for carrying out research and experimental check of efficiency of introduction of the received results in practical activities of the organisations.

3. To create organizational-economic principles of functioning of innovative mechanisms of management of housing fund operation, including block diagrammes of self-management of home owners, forms of interaction of new structures with the enterprises of municipal economy and a local executive power.

in the field of economy, organisation and management of housing and communal services it is necessary to:

4. To reveal the basic problems, braking economic reform development in housing and communal services and demanding the prime decision in the sphere of management of housing fund operation.

5. To develop prepositions in the areas of rational application of various schemes of management of housing fund operation on attraction of additional sources of financing of their activity by activization of business with use of objects of the general property.

6. To develop structure of the standard of operation of the apartment houses, allowing to regulate system of economic mutual relations, the rights and duties of home owners and the operating companies [8, р. 180–187].

Conclusions. Results of the research one defined by development of inno­vative management methods in organizational schemes of municipal economy, inno­vative mechanisms of management of housing fund operation the corres­ponding to the basic directions of reforming of housing and communal services.

The given proposals contribute to innovation management methods inno­vations and can be used at the further research of the questions problems connected with innovative development of organizational forms and economic relations in the system of housing and communal services. The importance of the given research consists of possibility of formation and organisation of activity of structures self-management by housing fund in interaction with the municipal enterprises.

Among the concrete results characterising innovative management methods of housing and communal services it is possible to allocate the following:

– concrete actions For efficient management of operation of existing housing fund;

– necessity and overall objectives of reforming of housing and communal services (HCS) have been determined;

– feature and the importance of a today’s stage of reforming for efficiency increase is revealed;

– final results of reforms in HCS is designated;

– transformation of the tariff policy the key moment in the area of reforms;

– objective necessity of perfection of the mechanism of management for sphere of a housing-and-municipal complex is revealed;

– concrete actions for the permission of innovative problems of development and management of available housing in the conditions of housing and communal services reforming are offered.

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